West Virginia Mesothelioma

West Virginia Asbestos Attorney

The Throneberry Law Group provides aggressive representation and compassionate support for individuals and families dealing with a diagnosis of mesothelioma, including West Virginia. Our principal attorney graduated with a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. He has intimate knowledge of the mountain state and its steel, glass, aluminum and chemical manufacturing. He also understands the swift and devastating disease of mesothelioma, from his proven advocacy on behalf of many clients and from the personal experience of his own father-in-law's death.

Our dedicated team is focused on helping victims and their loved ones across West Virginia including Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Wheeling, Morgantown, Weirton, Fairmont, Beckley, Clarksburg and Martinsburg to recover compensation for mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer.

Individuals in West Virginia may be exposed to asbestos at their occupation, jobsite or home from asbestos containing materials. Occupations with a higher than normal likelihood to be exposed to asbestos include plumbers, pipefitters, boilermakers, steamfitters, electricians, mechanics and school teachers. Jobsites where there is a likelihood of asbestos exposure in West Virginia include steel mills/metal works, chemical plants, power plants and oil refineries.

Power Plants in West Virginia Known for Asbestos Exposure

Power plants have used asbestos for its heat and fire resistance properties. Until the 1970's, asbestos insulation was used in power plant equipment such as turbines, boilers, tanks, pumps, steam pipes, valves and other equipment throughout the power plant. As a result, workers in the utility industry were at high risk of exposure to asbestos-containing products. Power plants in West Virginia include Manville Powerhouse, Moundsville Powerhouse and Will Island Power Plant

Oil Refineries and Asbestos Exposure in West Virginia

Another industry with a history of asbestos usage is oil refining. People exposed to asbestos at these oil refineries may be at risk of developing mesothelioma. An example of an oil refinery and asbestos exposure in West Virginia is the Shell Oil Refinery in Parkersburg.

Steel Mills West Virginia Known for Asbestos Exposure

Industries that use electricity, heat and flames in its processes have often used asbestos in the past due to the insulating and pliable properties of asbestos. The steel or iron mills in West Virginia known for asbestos exposure include Weirton Steel and Wheeling-Pittsburg Steel Corporation.

Chemical Plant Asbestos Exposure in West Virginia

Another industry with a history of asbestos usage is chemical manufacturing. People exposed to asbestos at these chemical plants may be at risk of developing mesothelioma. Some chemical plants in West Virginia include Analine Chemical in Mandsville, Dupont in Huntington, Belle and Parkersburg, Charleston Chemical Factory and Union Carbide of Charleston, West Virginia.

Older Building and Residential Exposure to Asbestos in West Virginia

Individuals in West Virginia are primarily exposed to asbestos at their workplace or at home while working with asbestos containing material (ACM). ACMs, for example, were used in the construction industry and a lot of construction materials in buildings and homes. ACM for construction material included wall board, insulation, ceiling and floor tiles to name a few. The problem arises during the renovation of older building and homes and the proper safety precautions are not in place to remove the ACMs. An example of an older building in West Virginia known for asbestos exposure is the Morgantown Medical Research Center.

The asbestos at the jobsite or contained in materials is most dangerous when it is disturbed or damaged because it can become airborne and when inhaled can attach to the mesothelial lining of the lung. This exposure can result in mesothelioma, the deadly form of cancer that can affect the lining of the lungs or abdomen or the heart.

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Our lawyers will travel throughout West Virginia to assist victims and families. We provide a free case evaluation and there are no attorney fees unless we trace the sources of asbestos exposure and hold those parties accountable for monetary damages.

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