Factory Workers

Industrial Plant, Maintenance and Factory Workers and Asbestos Exposure

As recently as the 1980s, asbestos was prevalent in a wide range of products used in industrial plants, and it was incorporated into the machines because of its fire resistance and insulating properties. We can effectively advocate for clients who worked in:

  • Textile mills
  • Paper mills
  • Manufacturing and recycling plants
  • Factories
  • Power generation plants

Our lawyers are skilled at detailing the client's work history and tracking down the specific exposures at a given mill, factory or plant: turbine and boiler insulation, pipe coatings, electrical wiring and conduit, dryer felts, valve packings and gaskets. Many clients worked at different plants during their life, but we can bring suit by demonstrating any one significant exposure.

A Personal Connection to Your Situation

Michael Throneberry's father-in-law died from mesothelioma, exposed during many years working at a factory. He knows what it's like for the family members to witness the slow, painful death and he is all too familiar with the intensive medical treatments to curb the cancer and diminish the pain. We are here to support our clients in any way during their battle with the disease and the long journey to justice.

Contact us today at 866-337-7516 for compassionate, attentive service and fierce representation. We travel anywhere in the U.S. to meet with clients who have mesothelioma or asbestos lung cancer. There is no cost for the consultation, and no attorney fees unless we win compensation.