Illinois Man Files Asbestos Related Lung Cancer Lawsuit Against Manufacturing Companies

An Illinois man recently filed an asbestos related lung cancer lawsuit against a group of manufacturing companies claiming the defendants’ asbestos products are directly responsible for his diagnosis with a terminal form of lung cancer. The asbestos cancer lawsuit names Blackmer Pump Co., Sterling Fluid Systems USA LLC, Aurora Pump Company, and other companies that used asbestos in their products as defendants in the case.

According to the asbestos lung cancer lawsuit, filed in St. Clair County, Illinois Circuit Court, the plaintiff worked various jobs as a painter, waiter, and truck driver during which time he was exposed to deadly asbestos fibers in products manufactured by the defendants. The asbestos cancer lawsuit states the victim developed asbestos related lung cancer in 2017, and seeks damages in excess of $50,000 as well as punitive damages.

The lawsuit claims the plaintiff’s diagnosis came about due to the defendants developing, manufacturing, and marketing asbestos-contaminated products known to be harmful without providing warning to consumers. While asbestos may have been legal to use in manufacturing at one time, companies still knew for decades about the risks associated with their products but did nothing to warn the public.

Some of the most common occupations associated with asbestos exposure include industrial jobs such as pipefitters, welders, steamfitters, and various manufacturing positions. Additionally, many construction workers in the drywall and insulation industry have been seriously harmed by exposure to products containing asbestos fibers. Even military service members suffered from asbestos exposure for years aboard Navy ships where asbestos was commonly used in engine and boiler rooms.

Asbestos is associated with a whole host of respiratory and other health ailments, but the most serious condition is mesothelioma, a rare and deadly form of lung cancer for which there is no definitive cure, even today. Mesothelioma tumors typically affect the thin lining of tissue surrounding vital organs like the heart, lungs, and abdomen before they metastasize and affect other parts of the body. Because mesothelioma has a latency period of anywhere from 20 to 50 years, patients are often left with diminished treatment options by the time a diagnosis is made.

Although nothing can reverse a mesothelioma or lung cancer diagnosis, victims can spur change and hold wrongdoers accountable for knowingly manufacturing dangerous products by filing asbestos cancer lawsuits in court. By filing a claim, plaintiffs can recover vital compensation for lost wages, payments for medical treatment, and damages for the physical pain and suffering of living with the disease.

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