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Arizona Mesothelioma Lawyers

A Brief Summary of the Following Page
  • Historical Exposure: Arizona's rich natural asbestos deposits, notably chrysotile, have historically put workers in mining, construction, and other industries at significant risk for mesothelioma due to widespread asbestos use.
  • High-Risk Occupations: Workers in mining, copper milling, power generation, and construction industries in Arizona face heightened mesothelioma risk, with over 100 sites known for natural asbestos occurrence.
  • Legal Timeframe: Arizona’s statute of limitations requires mesothelioma and wrongful death lawsuits to be filed within two years, emphasizing the urgency for affected individuals or their families to seek legal action.
  • Throneberry Law Group: We specialize in mesothelioma cases in Arizona, offering aggressive legal representation and compassionate support, with a focus on securing comprehensive compensation for medical costs, lost earnings, and suffering.
  • To schedule your free case review, complete a contact form or call (888) 506-1131.

Arizona, much like other states, is not immune to the impacts of asbestos exposure, with statistics placing it 17th in the nation for mesothelioma deaths. The state’s vast amounts of natural asbestos deposits and rich mining industry have left many individuals and workers at risk, highlighting the need for vigilant and experienced legal support. At Throneberry Law Group, we are committed to guiding Arizona’s mesothelioma victims through their legal journey, aiming to secure the compensation and justice they rightfully deserve.

Throneberry Law Group is dedicated to supporting victims of mesothelioma in Arizona, offering aggressive representation and compassionate support to secure compensation for victims and their families. Our principal Arizona mesothelioma attorney, Michael Throneberry, brings a personal connection to each case, driven by his family’s own battle with mesothelioma. With this understanding and dedication, we extend our aggressive and focused legal representation to mesothelioma victims and their families across Arizona and the United States.

Arizona’s History Relating to Asbestos Exposure

Arizona’s struggle with asbestos exposure, leading to cases of mesothelioma cancer, is deeply rooted in its history. The discovery of asbestos in 1872 in Chrysotile marked the beginning of an era where this mineral’s desirable properties – including high tensile strength and resistance to fire, heat, chemicals, and electricity – made it an invaluable resource in construction and industry.

With the state’s landscape rich in natural asbestos deposits, the mining industry and production companies quickly proliferated across these mineral-abundant areas. This rapid expansion led to the widespread use of asbestos, placing countless workers and residents at risk for asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma cancer. To date, asbestos exposure has led to 1,021 mesothelioma deaths across the state.

What Occupations Are Most at Risk for Mesothelioma Cancer in Arizona?

In Arizona, over 100 sites harbor naturally occurring asbestos, predominantly chrysotile asbestos in Gila and Pinal counties, with notable concentrations around Salt River Canyon in northern Gila County. Additional deposits are found in Cochise, Yuma, and Coconino counties. Arizona’s mining industry has historically exposed workers to asbestos, particularly with chrysotile mining activities dating back to 1872. This exposure has significantly increased the risk of developing severe respiratory conditions such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer.

Beyond mining, industries like copper milling, power generation, and construction across Arizona have also been known for asbestos use, further elevating the risk for workers in these sectors.

Arizona’s Mining Industry

Arizona’s prosperous mining industry has historically been a significant source of asbestos exposure. Workers in this sector have encountered asbestos in various forms, putting them at high risk for developing mesothelioma.

Arizona mines known for asbestos exposure include several prominent sites, where asbestos was either mined directly or encountered during the extraction of other minerals, including:

  • Abril Mine
  • Apache Mine
  • Bass Mine
  • Bear Canyon Mine
  • Cemetery Ridge
  • Chiricahua Claim
  • Dome Rock Mountains Mine
  • Empire No. 2 Shaft
  • Great View Mines
  • Hance Mine
  • Jaquays Mining Corporation
  • Kyle Asbestos Mines
  • Mystery Claim
  • Phillips Asbestos Mines
  • Pine Top Mine
  • Putman Wash
  • Rek Towne Mine
  • Roadside Mines
  • Salt River Mine
  • Sorsen Asbestos Prospect
  • Stansbury Asbestos Prospect

A significant number of mines were also active in the counties of Coconino, La Paz, Cochise, Yuma, and Pinal.

Vermiculite Processing Plant

Another notable source of exposure was the vermiculite processing plant in Arizona, Glendale-based Ari-Zonolite, which handled materials contaminated with asbestos. A 2011 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency investigation found asbestos in three of seven soil samples and indoor air at the site, indicating significant contamination risks to workers and potentially affecting up to 6,059 locals within a mile radius.

Arizona’s Statute of Limitations for Mesothelioma Lawsuits

The term “statute of limitations” defines the timeframe for an individual to file a lawsuit. Regulations vary by state, setting distinct deadlines for launching an asbestos-related legal claim, typically around two years.

In instances where an individual has passed away due to asbestos exposure, the deceased’s family members can file a wrongful death claim. Such claims must also be filed within a similar two-year timeframe. Understanding these legal nuances is essential for mesothelioma victims seeking justice and compensation.

The Litigation Process for Mesothelioma Victims in Arizona

Filing a mesothelioma lawsuit involves a detailed understanding of the victim’s exposure history, medical diagnosis, and the impact on their quality of life. It requires gathering comprehensive evidence to build a strong case against those responsible for asbestos exposure.

The litigation process begins with filing a lawsuit against entities responsible for asbestos exposure. Throneberry Law Group walks you through each phase of the litigation process, from discovery, where evidence is gathered, to trial, where our Arizona mesothelioma attorneys present a compelling case on behalf of mesothelioma victims. Throughout this process, we aim for a settlement that adequately compensates for the victims’ suffering, but we are prepared to fight vigorously in court if necessary.

Our Approach to Mesothelioma Cases in Arizona

At Throneberry Law Group, our handling of mesothelioma cases in Arizona combines fierce advocacy with heartfelt support. Our Arizona mesothelioma attorneys aim to alleviate the impact of mesothelioma on victims and their families by striving for the best outcomes, ensuring peace of mind, and providing constant support. Michael Throneberry’s connection to mesothelioma enriches our team’s compassionate approach.

We focus on securing comprehensive compensation for our clients, covering medical costs, lost earnings, and pain and suffering to offer some relief during these trying times. Our commitment extends to vigorously defending our clients’ rights against any party, ensuring they receive the justice and financial support they deserve. By working with us, victims gain a dedicated ally in their fight against mesothelioma, committed to securing their well-being and future.

Talk to a Seasoned Arizona Mesothelioma Lawyer

Choosing Throneberry Law Group means partnering with a seasoned legal team that understands the complexities of mesothelioma cases. Our Arizona mesothelioma lawyers are dedicated to providing mesothelioma and asbestos cancer survivors with the highest level of legal representation and support. Our team is committed to securing the justice and compensation mesothelioma victims and their families deserve.

If you or a loved one is a mesothelioma victim in Arizona, get in touch with us for a free consultation. Let Throneberry Law Group guide you through the legal process with the care, understanding, and aggressive representation you need to secure the compensation you deserve. To schedule your free case review, complete a contact form or call (888) 506-1131.

Client Reviews
You are the reason my mother was able to cope with losing a loved one. You and your staff are always helpful and go above and beyond to help. You have been great to my family and especially my mother. My mother would always come out of your office with a peace of mind. R.S.
We are so appreciative of the results Michael Throneberry got for us! Michael Throneberry and the attorneys we worked with were focused on our peace of mind and seemed to care for my family and me as if we were family. They truly get it. We were thrilled with the result and would recommend this firm to anyone. M.S.
During one of my family's darkest and trying times, Michael Throneberry was there to provide help. His personal experience with mesothelioma made certain that he advised us like family. Thank you, you are wonderful. Do yourself a favor and let him help you during this trying time. He is a true 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. T.S.
Michael Throneberry gave me a whole new outlook on attorneys'! A very caring person who was more concerned with my health than a case. Truly unexpected! He explained possible conditions in english and even found the right doctors in my area. Prepared me for the right questions to ask the doctors so that I can understand my illness better. A great person and a great human being! Thank you. Greg