Understanding the Mesothelioma Attorney-Client Agreement

The importance of hiring a lawyer after a mesothelioma diagnosis can never be over-emphasized. After you or a loved one is diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is crucial that you find an attorney who is, among other things, experienced, compassionate, and a good communicator.

If you have already found the right lawyer to help you with your mesothelioma case, the next step is to seal the deal with them by signing an attorney-client agreement. However, before signing an attorney-client agreement, it is vital that you understand what an attorney-client agreement is and the provisions of such an agreement.

What is an Attorney-Client Agreement?

An attorney-client agreement generally outlines an attorney’s and client’s duties and responsibilities and several other crucial things. This agreement usually appears in the form of a letter with a part at the end for the client to sign. If you have already found an attorney you wish to help you with your mesothelioma case, the attorney will prepare the agreement for your review. It is vital that you avoid signing an attorney-client agreement before you review it. Also, if you have any questions or concerns about your agreement, ask your attorney to provide clarification before signing it.

Common Attorney-Client Agreement Provisions

Every attorney-client agreement is different, so the provisions in one agreement might not be the same as those in another agreement. However, apart from duties and responsibilities, some things are addressed in most, if not all, attorney-client agreements. The following are some of the standard attorney-client agreement provisions.


This part of the agreement is quite crucial. It explains what and how your attorney will charge you for their services. A mesothelioma lawyer primarily works on a contingency fee basis. A mesothelioma lawyer working on a contingency fee basis only receives payment after they manage to recover compensation for the client. Usually, the attorney receives a percentage of the amount recovered through a settlement or jury award. .


Under this part, the attorney outlines the costs associated with the case, such as filing fees and research costs. A law firm may not require you to pay these costs upfront, but you must confirm if and how the firm will be reimbursed.

Conflicts of Interest

In an attorney-client agreement, attorneys usually disclose if they have any relationship with clients with opposing interests. It is unethical for an attorney to work with a client if there is a conflict of interest. For example, it would be unethical for an attorney to represent you if they also represent the asbestos company whose decisions led to you or your loved one developing mesothelioma.

Duration of Engagement

This part usually details whether an attorney will represent the client if either party appeals a verdict.


This part details how your mesothelioma attorney will keep the information you share with them confidential.

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