Backlog in Baltimore courts Leaves Thousands of Asbestos Cancer Victims Waiting for Their Cases to be Heard

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iStock-460053679.jpgMaryland lawmakers recently convened hearings to delve into why potentially tens of thousands of asbestos cancer victims have yet to have their day in court years after developing serious, life-threatening conditions and filing suit to recover much needed compensation. Those meetings primarily focused on courts in Baltimore city, the epicenter of the state’s mesothelioma crisis, where thousands of hardworking men and women developed the rare and deadly lung cancer working in the city’s shipping industry.

According to reporting by the Baltimore Sun, neither side could agree on exactly just how many plaintiffs had delays in their case or for how long. State senator Robert A. “Bobby” Zirkin, Chairman of Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, reportedly called the meeting to try and get to the bottom of whether the city’s court system has made any progress in the past three years in clearing the backlog of claims brought by individuals harmed while working in Baltimore’s ports, shipbuilding centers, and other construction trades.

Representatives from one of Baltimore’s largest and well-known plaintiffs law firms estimated that there could be as many as 22,000 active asbestos injury lawsuits awaiting trial and an additional 7,000 inactive cases in which the plaintiffs reserved their right to file suit if their conditions worsened. While city administrative judges testified that the new system implemented in 2014 was resolving cases at a higher rate than previous years, the backlog could still take decades to clear even with every side fully staffed.

Asbestos Bankruptcy Claims and Lawsuits

While some asbestos cancer lawsuits can take time to litigate, many victims have the option to file claims with asbestos bankruptcy trusts to recover compensation more quickly from other parties who may have had a hand in their unfortunate diagnosis. These trusts were created by asbestos companies and those using the mineral in industrial products as part of proceedings in federal bankruptcy courts to restructure debt while creating trusts for victims from which draw compensation. There are an estimated $34 billion in compensation made available through the dozens of such trusts set up over the past few decades.

By filing claims with asbestos bankruptcy trusts, asbestos cancer victims can get much needed compensation for medical treatment and lost income incurred by their mesothelioma diagnosis. Many victims filing claims with these trusts once worked in the shipbuilding industry or served aboard Navy ships where asbestos was once commonly used as insulation in boiler and engine rooms. Other common professions associated with asbestos exposure include boilermaking, pipe fitting, welding, industrial manufacturing, and the construction industry.

Nationwide Mesothelioma Lawyer

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