Mechanics and Asbestos Brakes

Mechanics and Asbestos Brakes

Asbestos was valuable for automotive brakes due to its heat resistance and strength with a concentration of estimated to be 30 to 80%. Mechanics working on vehicles (both in the past and in the present) that use brake pads containing asbestos fibers are at risk for asbestos exposure. Examples of brakes containing asbestos include but are not limited to:

Allied Signal Friction King Disc Brake Pads (1979-1987);

Bendix Disc Brake Pads (1963-1988); and

Ferodo Brake Pads (1923-1998).

Asbestos linings are also still in use in high-end imports like the Land Rover. Domestically, asbestos is regulated. Foreign manufacturers, on the other hand, have free reign and can use asbestos materials if they so choose. There are no laws on the books that require such products that contain asbestos to be labeled as such.

Brake Mechanics and Asbestos Exposure

An investigation into asbestos litigation done by Jim Morris of the Center for Public Integrity revealed that Ford may have thought it had something to lose and so the company invested nearly $40 million for consultants. These “experts” concluded there is no evidence that putting asbestos in brake shoes and linings leads to mesothelioma.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) seems to have different thoughts regarding the risk to asbestos exposure when working with brakes. OSHA recommends using a wet cleaning solution or enclosure when working with brake components because of evidence of chrysotile and tremolite asbestos in the lungs among brake mechanics.

Even though the science is clear about asbestos fibers in brake pads, big corporations still fight to try and minimize their role in the asbestos exposure to brake mechanics.

Take on the Corporate Giant

There are always two sides to every case, and if the case does not settle, a jury will decide the weight of the expert opinion testimony. It is important to gather information early, such as:

When did you start your job working with brake pads? and

How often were you working with the brake pads (8hrs/day, 40hrs/week)?

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