Mesothelioma and Improper Asbestos Disposal

The disposal of asbestos must be tackled in a specific manner. Improper disposal of asbestos can put people at risk of suffering asbestos exposure, thus developing asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma.  Even if the fibers are outdoors, they can be kicked up high enough for someone to inhale them. Because of how dangerous improper asbestos disposal can be, it is crucial for anyone removing asbestos to involve a professional.  Asbestos abatement professionals are highly trained to follow the correct procedures. On top of putting the lives of others at risk, anyone who disposes of asbestos improperly faces serious fines or penalties if they break one of the laws regulating asbestos removal and disposal. Asbestos abatement professionals are highly trained to follow the laid down rules.

Homeowners and Asbestos Abatement and Disposal

Sometimes landowners decide to remove and dispose of asbestos on their own. However, this is risky. If a property owner believes they have asbestos on their property, certain steps must be taken to ensure the dangerous mineral is removed and disposed of in a safe manner. If a landowner decides to handle the removal and disposal of asbestos on their own, they put a lot of people in danger. They also risk facing fines and penalties if they break one of the laws regulating asbestos removal and disposal.

To safely remove and dispose of asbestos, a property owner should first call a qualified asbestos abatement company to the site so a survey can be performed to determine if asbestos is present. After an asbestos abatement company identifies that asbestos is present, it will prepare the work area. Then, it will ensure safety protocols are followed, such as disabling HVAC systems to prevent the circulation of asbestos fibers. Once safety protocols are observed, the asbestos abatement company will handle the removal and disposal. Usually, after asbestos has been safely removed from a property, it must be safely transported to an official hazardous waste processing facility and disposed of there.

When a property owner fails to involve an asbestos abatement company in the removal and disposal of asbestos, they will likely remove it in an unlawful and unsafe manner and engage in unlawful and unsafe disposal. For example, a landowner might decide to dump asbestos on another person’s land. There have been cases of people dumping asbestos at schools, private properties, and other similar places.

Can I Sue a Person or Company Responsible for My Exposure? 

Any person or company that disposes of asbestos should know the dangers associated with improper asbestos exposure. If the person who improperly disposed of the asbestos that led to your exposure can be identified, you can recover compensation for your illness and the damages suffered. With the amount of information available everywhere about the risks of asbestos exposure, it can be hard for a defendant to argue that they did not know about the dangers.

Nationwide Mesothelioma Lawyers           

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