Mesothelioma Caregivers: Adjusting Holiday Expectations

After someone is diagnosed with mesothelioma, they need someone to care for them. Typically, the role of a mesothelioma caregiver is to help a mesothelioma patient with daily tasks as they progress through treatment.  The complications of mesothelioma and mesothelioma treatment can make it challenging for patients to do most things independently. A spouse, parent, child, friend, or neighbor are just a few of the people who can be mesothelioma caregivers.

Being a caregiver to someone with mesothelioma can result in different feelings. It can cause different challenges. According to most caregivers, taking care of someone with mesothelioma during the holidays makes the holidays feel different. This article shares some helpful tips that can help mesothelioma caregivers navigate the holiday season.

Tip #1: Admit That Things Feel Different

The first thing that mesothelioma caregivers should do is admit that things feel different. Caregivers should admit that holidays feel different from those before mesothelioma came into their lives. It is okay for a mesothelioma caregiver to grieve and remember what the holidays were like before mesothelioma came into their lives.

After a person becomes a mesothelioma caregiver, they might be unable to engage in some of the activities they used to engage in during the holidays. For example, they may not travel to visit family since they have to fulfill their caregiving responsibilities. A mesothelioma caregiver has all the right to feel sad. There is no need for a caregiver to pretend everything is okay when they know it is not.

Tip #2: Reflect

It is crucial for mesothelioma caregivers to reflect on previous holidays. A caregiver should think about all the things they did during previous holidays that are meaningful to them. They should reflect on what was special to them about every tradition or activity they engaged in during previous holidays.

Even though a mesothelioma caregiver may be unable to engage in all the activities or traditions they engaged in during previous holidays, they may be able to find new activities or traditions to engage in that feel meaningful.

Tip #3: Adjust

For example, a mesothelioma caregiver may need to host fewer people during the holidays. A caregiver may also need to ask for help with things such as holiday shopping or running other errands. Some caregivers feel they must do everything themselves, but it is important to ask for help.

Tip #4: Reach Out for Support

Apart from asking for help, it is vital for mesothelioma caregivers to reach out for support. During the holidays, mesothelioma caregivers may feel alone in their struggle when it appears as if everyone else is having a good time. Reaching out to other caregivers can help lessen that isolation.

Tip #5: Practice Self-care

Lastly, mesothelioma caregivers should practice self-care. Caregivers should slow down when their bodies feel weak. During the holidays, mesothelioma caregivers should ensure they eat well and sleep well. If, for example, a caregiver enjoys watching movies, they should allow themselves to watch a favorite holiday movie.

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