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Radiation therapy could help mesothelioma treatments

The treatment options for mesothelioma have remained pretty constant throughout the last decade. Because of the aggressive nature of the cancer and number of cases discovered each year, new treatments are difficult to test.

Currently, the best-known option for fighting this cancer is chemotherapy. Unfortunately, chemotherapy’s effectiveness is different for each person.

However, a new article in the Oncology Nurse Advisor explores the role of radiation therapy in treating mesothelioma.

Chemotherapy treatments target cancerous cells around the patient’s lungs. The goal is to slow the growth of these cells or kill them outright.

New evidence suggests radiation therapy, used with chemotherapy, can slow the disease. What’s more, radiation therapy can help patients even if their chemotherapy is ineffective.

Advanced radiation treatment methods help doctors target more specific regions of the lungs. In the past, the number of radiation doses had to be limited. Too many doses would damage the lung tissue.

While the results are early, this represents the progress made in mesothelioma treatments. Doctors today have more options available to treat the cancer. They can tailor treatments to fit individuals, which gives higher chances of success.

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may feel overwhelmed. An attorney experienced in mesothelioma cases can help guide you through this difficult process.

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