Signs You Hired the Wrong Mesothelioma Lawyer

A mesothelioma victim or their family can file a personal injury claim and recover compensation from the party that is to blame for the asbestos exposure.  It is not a legal requirement to retain an attorney during a mesothelioma case, but it is advisable to do so. Mesothelioma cases can be difficult to prove and usually involve large companies with unlimited resources. It is best not to risk trying to prove a mesothelioma case or going against these large companies without the help of an attorney. However, hiring just any attorney is not enough. One must hire the right attorney to increase the chances of seeing a positive outcome in a mesothelioma case.

So, how do you know you hired the right or wrong mesothelioma attorney? If you hired an attorney to help you with a mesothelioma case, the following are some of the signs you should look out for that indicate you hired the wrong attorney;

Sign #1: Bad Communicator

Your mesothelioma lawyer should give you regular updates about your case. They should also be willing to answer your questions. If your lawyer is not showing a willingness to answer your questions or is not giving you regular updates about your case, it might be a sign that you hired the wrong lawyer. Also, if your mesothelioma lawyer does not return your phone calls and/or messages, it could be a sign that you hired the wrong lawyer. Indeed, lawyers are busy people. But your lawyer should not use that as an excuse to ignore you.

Sign #2: Lack of Enthusiasm

As already stated, attorneys are busy people. However, your mesothelioma attorney should always be aware of the status of your case. They should always have a good understanding of where your case is headed. As much as your lawyer is handling other cases, it is important that you feel they are taking your case seriously, just as you are.

Sign #3: Refusal to Listen to You

You hired a mesothelioma lawyer because you cannot handle the claims process alone. But that does not mean your lawyer should not listen to you. The right lawyer is the one who lets you talk about the concerns you have regarding your case and listens to those concerns. The right lawyer is the one who listens to your opinion. Not listening to you could affect how a lawyer handles your mesothelioma case. For example, a lawyer could miss crucial details, which could adversely affect your case’s outcome.

Sign #4: Lack of Compassion

Dealing with a mesothelioma case can be overwhelming. Mesothelioma victims and families of mesothelioma victims experience significant emotional distress, financial hardships, pain, and suffering. A mesothelioma lawyer should care about you as a person and not just treat you as a case number.

Sign #5: Inefficiency

If your mesothelioma lawyer constantly misses deadlines or meetings, it is an obvious sign that you hired the wrong lawyer. Such a lawyer can adversely affect the outcome of your case. You want to work with an attorney who keeps appointments and meets deadlines.

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