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States with Asbestos Issues

Today, the dangers of exposure to asbestos fibers are widely understood. These dangers include significant long-term health consequences, such as mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cancers. Though it was used in products throughout the country, there are certain states that had a higher prevalence of it and a higher number of deaths associated with it.

While the use of asbestos in products was largely discontinued in the 1980s, individuals continue to be diagnosed with serious health conditions related to exposure to asbestos due to the ability of asbestos fibers to remain in the body for long periods of time. Asbestos becomes dangerous when microscopic fibers are released into the air and breathed into the lungs. Importantly, the effects of exposure to asbestos fibers may not become apparent for many years.

Where was it Commonly Used?

Asbestos was more common in certain states as a result of the particular industries that were located in those states. These industries included manufacturing, mining, and shipping. In Michigan, the automobile industry exposed many people to asbestos fibers. Asbestos was used in numerous automobile parts, including transmission components, clutches, brake pads, and spark plugs, among many others.

The rubber and plastic production industries in Ohio caused extensive asbestos exposure. Toledo's Owens-Corning Fiberglass, which created Kaylo insulation, Fibreboard, and One Cote, eventually filed for bankruptcy as a result of the number of asbestos-related claims made by former employees.

Other states that caused high levels of asbestos exposure include Virginia, which is the home to the largest DuPont Chemical plant, and Massachusetts, which was the home to the Boston Naval Shipyard. Workers at DuPont were exposed in relation to the manufacturing of products such as Kevlar and Rayon. The Boston Naval Shipyard operated for 150 years manufacturing vessels for the Navy, as well as private ships.

States with Asbestos Issues: Highest Incidence of Death

The state with the largest number of deaths attributed to malignant mesothelioma and asbestosis is California, followed by Florida and Pennsylvania. It should be noted that this measure of asbestos-related death is impacted by the population size of the state, as well as by the possibility that a person was exposed in one state and subsequently moved to another state. Still, this does give some indication of the states with a high-risk of asbestos-related diseases. The other states mentioned here rank seventh (Ohio), ninth (Michigan), and eleventh (Massachusetts).

In California, the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the W.R. Grace site are two places where exposure to asbestos was high. Notably in Florida, individuals were put at risk of exposure due to over 100,000 tons of asbestos being shipped from Montana to five Florida sites for processing.

If you would like more information about asbestos-related diseases and the legal remedies available to victims, speak with the experienced attorneys at the Throneberry Law Group. We will travel to you to help with your mesothelioma and asbestos cancer claims.

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