Can a One-Time Exposure to Asbestos Be Harmful?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that can pose significant health risks. Most people know this. Asbestos can cause illnesses such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. When someone is exposed to asbestos, it is understandable for them to get worried. Asbestos-related diseases can be fatal. It is estimated that mesothelioma alone kills approximately 2,500 people yearly in the United States of America. But is asbestos dangerous if exposure only happened once? In other words, can a one-time exposure to asbestos be harmful?

Should You Be Worried About a One-Time Exposure to Asbestos?

The truth is that even a one-time exposure to asbestos can be harmful. Researchers have for a long time warned that no amount of asbestos is safe for humans. Any amount of asbestos exposure can be potentially dangerous and even deadly. However, a one-time or short-term exposure to asbestos may pose a relatively low health risk compared to repeated exposure. The chances of developing mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease are said to be higher for those who have been exposed to asbestos repeatedly or for a long time as compared to those who have been exposed to asbestos once or for a short time. For example, a person who was exposed to asbestos daily in their line of work may be more at risk of developing asbestos-related illnesses as compared to someone who suffered exposure once during a house demolition.

How Does Asbestos Exposure Work?

Asbestos is generally only dangerous when its fibers are disturbed and become airborne. When asbestos fibers become airborne, they can be inhaled or ingested. When inhaled or ingested, asbestos fibers may get trapped in the body. Over time, these fibers can cause illnesses.

Asbestos fibers are invisible to the naked eye, so it can be challenging for someone to know when they have been exposed to asbestos. However, there are some ways to tell if you may have been exposed to asbestos. For example, if you worked or currently work in the construction, firefighting, auto repair, or shipbuilding industry, there is a high chance you have been exposed to asbestos. You may also have been exposed to asbestos if you have ever been near an old building that was built before the 1980s when it was being demolished. Most houses built before the 1980’s contain asbestos-contaminated materials.

People Who Develop an Illness After Suffering Asbestos Exposure Have Legal Options

After a person develops mesothelioma or another asbestos-related illness because of asbestos exposure, they may have legal options. Many asbestos victims have the right to recover financial compensation for the harm suffered. Some of the legal options for seeking compensation include asbestos trust funds, lawsuits, workers’ compensation, and veterans’ benefits. It is best to seek legal counsel if you or a loved one has developed an asbestos-related illness. An attorney can guide you on your legal options and help you seek justice and compensation.

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