Cosmetics Recall Over Asbestos Contamination Highlights Problems with Regulations

talcumpowderasbestoscontamination.jpgA retail chain popular with teenaged girls recently pulled one of its makeup products off the shelves over reports the cosmetic contained dangerous amounts of asbestos, a carcinogenic mineral known to cause the deadly lung cancer mesothelioma. While the company denied its Just Shine Shimmer Powder contained asbestos, Justice Stores none the less pulled the product out of what it characterized as an abundance of caution towards its customers.

The sudden move came after a local ABC media outlet in Durham, North Carolina sent several samples of Just Shine powder for analysis to Scientific Analytical Institute in Greensboro to determine if there were any ingredients not listed on the label. According to the report, the Director of Research and Analytical Services deemed the results to be shocking after discovering the potentially deadly substance in a child’s cosmetic product.

In addition to asbestos, the analysis contained Barium, Chromium, Lead, and Selenium. Speaking about the asbestos-laced makeup in an interview with ABC11, the Director of Research and Analytical Services told reporters “I would treat it like a deadly poison, because it is.” He went on to note “In this powder designed for children, they could die an untimely death in their thirties or forties because of the exposure to asbestos in this product.”

Talcum Powder Asbestos Contamination

Analysts believe asbestos-contaminated talcum powder may explain why tests revealed the deadly mineral Justice Stores claims it knew nothing about. While asbestos has been heavily regulated in the U.S. for many decades and almost no manufacturers would ever add the mineral to their products, the risk of exposure from tainted talcum powder remains.

Talc, like asbestos, is a naturally occurring mineral found in deposits and mined for consumer products like baby powder and talcum powder. Although Justice Stores should not be held responsible for intentionally adding asbestos, the company still had a responsibility to ensure the talc sourced for its makeup and cosmetics products remained asbestos free.

How can Parents Prevent Asbestos Exposure from Makeup Products?

One of the best ways parents can limit their child’s exposure to asbestos in cosmetic products is to check the labels and keep anything containing talc away from children. Numerous resources are available to parents and ordinary consumers to double check the products brought into their homes do not pose a health and safety risk.

Because asbestos exposure poses such a high to developing mesothelioma, all consumers should take the threat very seriously. Currently, there is no cure for mesothelioma, which causes tumors to grow in the thin linings of skin around the lungs and abdomen, and if not caught early, treatment options become more limited.

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