Does Talcum Powder Contain Asbestos?

Missouri jurors in two talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits recently handed down a pair of monumental awards for plaintiffs totaling $137 million between the two. This could spell bad news for the defendant, Johnson & Johnson, as there are an additional 1,200 more talcum powder lawsuits working their way through the courts.

While attorneys for the plaintiffs successfully demonstrated to the jurors the J&J talcum powder products were more than likely responsible for their plaintiff’s ovarian cancer, questions still remain as to what exactly the relationship is between use of talc and developing cancer. To help answer that, one has to examine where talcum powder comes from and whether it may contain any known carcinogens like asbestos.

What is Talcum Powder?

Used to absorb moisture and reduce skin irritation, talcum powder contains the mineral talc, which in its natural state is made up of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. Additionally, some pre-processed talc may contain asbestos which is a known cancer-causing agent associated with the debilitating lung disease mesothelioma.

Since the 1970s, consumer talcum products have been asbestos free, so it is unlikely plaintiffs in these talcum powder cases contracted their aggressive cancers due to asbestos exposure. However, talc miners extracting talc may be placed at increased risk of developing cancers and lung diseases due to their proximity to the substance.

Could My Cancer be Caused by Asbestos Exposure from Talcum Powder?

Numerous multi-million dollar awards have been handed down to cancer victims to either used asbestos-contaminated talc products or were husbands, wives, and daughters of men who worked at talc processing plants. Even more lawsuits are pending across the country, giving victims hope they may receive justice for the negligence of pharmaceutical giants and other massive corporations.

In May 2015, a California woman won a $13 million lawsuit against Colgate-Palmolive for her cancer caused by asbestos-contaminated talcum powder. The plaintiff in that case used talcum products for 15 years during the time before the federal government mandated asbestos be removed from consumer talcum products.

In 2013, a New Jersey woman won a $2 million award for her mesothelioma caused by breathing in asbestos dust brought into her home from her father’s work clothes. Despite these and other huge verdicts, talc processing companies and Johnson & Johnson still refuse to accept responsibility for their carelessness of withholding important safety information from the public about the dangers their products could pose.

Mesothelioma Talcum Powder Lawsuits

If you or a loved one suffer from mesothelioma, it could be because of exposure to asbestos-contaminated talcum powder. By filing a mesothelioma talcum powder lawsuit, you and your family may be able to get the financial compensation and medical care necessary to treat the disease and live a life of dignity and respect.

Contact our office for a free legal consultation about your case. The experienced Arizona mesothelioma attorneys of the Throneberry Law Group are fully prepared to help you and your family get the justice you deserve and hold these wrongdoers accountable so that others may be spared from this debilitating disease.

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