How Does Someone Get Cancer From Talcum Powder?

Juries continue to rule against Johnson and Johnson, a major producer of talcum powder, in lawsuits brought by women with cancer who contend that the talc asbestos in the powder has caused it. J&J claims that its famous baby powder has never contained asbestos. However, juries have found the talcum powder industry’s defense less compelling than the plaintiffs’. A Missouri court has ordered J&J to compensate more than twenty women who contracted ovarian cancer after using talcum powder, for a total of over $4.6 billion in damages.

How Can Talcum Power Cause Cancer?

The claimants alleged that they contracted ovarian cancer from use of J&J products, including the company’s popular body powder, because the talcum products contained asbestos. J&J has announced its plans to appeal the case. The company is now faced with thousands of legal claims from cancer victims who believe they contracted ovarian cancer from talcum powder made by J&J.

Johnson & Johnson has claimed:

  • There is no conclusive scientific evidence that a link exists between talcum products and ovarian cancer.
  • Its baby powder has never contained asbestos.

Plaintiffs have claimed:

  • Asbestos, a known carcinogen, is naturally present in talc.
  • J&J knew for had known for many years that its asbestos fibers were present in its talc products.
  • The company had also long known about the ovarian cancer risk to women from using the talc products in the genital areas.

Consequences for Talcum Powder Users

Scientific research on cancer risk relative to talc use is continuing. In the meantime, many women are being confronted with ovarian cancer diagnoses.

Discovering that you have ovarian cancer involves enduring physically depleting medical treatments, expensive bills for doctor visits, testing, and medications, hospitalization, surgery and often prolonged chemical after-treatments. In many cases, the disease has already progressed too far prior to the start of medical treatments and, at that point, only a temporary extension of the victim’s life is possible.

Victims’ families are victimized as well. They’re traumatized by witnessing their loved one go through the difficult treatments and, in many cases, they ultimately experience the loss of their family member due to death from ovarian cancer.

What Should Talcum Powder Users with Ovarian Cancer Do?

Talcum powder users who later contracted ovarian cancer should contact a personal injury lawyer who is well experienced in asbestos-related lawsuits.

Scientific research on the link between talc and ovarian cancer continues. However, apparent evidence exists that manufacturers have been aware of the potential risk to consumers for many years, and have chosen not to warn consumers.

Therefore, talc users who become ovarian cancer patients may be left with bringing their case to a jury as your best or perhaps only solution for receiving the compensation you deserve.

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