How to Care for Mesothelioma Patients Before and After Surgery

There is still no cure for mesothelioma.  Fortunately, there are various treatment options. One of the ways to treat mesothelioma is through surgery. Mesothelioma surgery can be conducted to cure cancer. This is achieved by removing the tumor from the tissue lining the abdomen or lung. This type of surgery is called curative surgery. Surgery can also be conducted to relieve pain and other symptoms caused by the tumor. This type of surgery is called palliative surgery. Most patients qualify for surgeries that relieve pain and symptoms.

If your loved one has mesothelioma and is about to undergo surgery, you may be wondering how to care for them before and after surgery. Below, we share some of the ways you can care for your loved one before and after mesothelioma surgery.

Caring for Your Loved One Before Mesothelioma Surgery

Your loved one will have appointments with the medical team to discuss their operation. As a caregiver, you can help your loved one by attending these meetings with them. As a caregiver, your role will be taking notes, asking questions, and providing information. Therefore, ensure you carry a notebook or note-taking device.

Some of the information you should provide to your loved one’s doctor include the following;

  • A list of all the medication your loved one takes, including vitamins and supplements
  • A list of your loved one’s allergies

During meetings, you should feel free to ask any questions you may have about the operation. You should feel free to express any worries you have. Your loved one’s doctor should be able to answer all your questions and address your concerns. The following are some of the questions to ask your loved one’s doctor about the surgery;

  • How many such surgeries have you performed before? What were the results of those surgeries?
  • What are the possible side effects of the surgery?
  • What are the potential consequences of not undergoing this surgery?
  • How long will the surgery take?
  • What is the goal of the surgery? Is it to treat cancer or relieve pain and other symptoms?
  • Will there be a need for another surgical procedure?

Caring for Your Loved One After Mesothelioma Surgery

After surgery, your loved one might need to stay in the hospital for some time. During the period your loved one is in the hospital, you can help them with their recovery exercises, such as walking around and breathing exercises.

After your loved one is discharged from the hospital and allowed to return home, you can help them in, among others, the following ways;

  • Helping them follow dietary and nutritional guidelines
  • Ensuring they go to follow-up appointments
  • Helping them manage medication
  • Keeping an eye out for any side effects

The following are some of the common side effects of mesothelioma surgery to watch out for after your loved one returns home;

  • Blood clots
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Problems with breathing
  • Heart problems
  • Damaged organs
  • Infections
  • A paralyzed bowel
  • Bowel obstruction

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