Jury Awards California Couple $10 Million in Asbestos Cancer Lawsuit Over Defective Asbestos Cement Pipe

An Alameda County, California jury recently awarded $10 million to a couple whose lives were severely impacted by defectively produced asbestos cement pipe manufactured by the defendant, CertainTeed Corporation. The complaint, filed in Alameda Superior Court, alleges that the defendant knew for years about the dangers created by its deadly products but failed to warn consumers about the dangers and even went so far as to market the material as a “safe asbestos.”

According to the complaint, the 65-year-old male plaintiff developed mesothelioma decades after working with the defendant’s defective asbestos as a laborer for a California plumbing company. The male-plaintiff used a circular saw to cut and shape the asbestos cement pipe for use in water drainage and other industrial uses.

In the course of cutting, drilling, and grinding the asbestos cement pipes, the plaintiff worked in an extremely dusty environment which caused him to unknowingly inhale the asbestos particles that ultimately lead to his cancer diagnosis. At trial, the plaintiffs’ attorney presented evidence the defendant knew since 1962 the dangers asbestos dust could pose but did nothing to warn potential users about these risks.

What Type of Cancer is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a rare and incurable form of cancer, usually affecting the thin tissue linings around the lungs or abdomen. The disease is most causally related to victims being exposed to asbestos, a white, flaky mineral often used as insulation in various industrial applications including shipbuilding, carpentry, and automotive uses.

By its nature, mesothelioma takes decades to develop and by the time patients show symptoms of the deadly cancer, tumors have often spread to the point where surgery is no longer a viable treatment option. While treatment plans like chemotherapy and radiation therapy can extend the lifespan and allow patients to live more comfortable lives, these measures are expensive and can quickly create a financial hardship for victims and families.

Fortunately, the law gives mesothelioma cancer victims the right to file mesothelioma cancer lawsuits against asbestos manufacturers and other entities who may be responsible for creating dangerous products and failing to warn consumers about the risks. These claims can recover vital compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, loss of services, and the pain and suffering of undergoing treatment.

Additionally, some bankrupt asbestos companies have created trust accounts to compensate victims in a more timely manner and avoid lengthy litigation and having to go all the way to trial. Speaking to an experienced nationwide mesothelioma lawsuit attorney can help victims and their families better understand their legal options.

Nationwide Mesothelioma Cancer Lawyer

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