Mesothelioma and Self-Esteem

A mesothelioma diagnosis can affect the patient in many ways. These effects can either be short-term or long-term. One of the major ways a mesothelioma diagnosis can affect a patient is by lowering their self-esteem. Self-esteem is how a person values and perceives themselves. It is based on what someone believes about themselves. The physical changes that come after a mesothelioma diagnosis or after a patient starts receiving mesothelioma treatment, such as hair loss, weight changes, and surgery scars, can affect how they feel about their appearance and body image. Also, unproductivity and dependency can lead to a mesothelioma patient having low self-esteem. Luckily, there are steps mesothelioma patients can take to maintain their self-esteem at a healthy level.

How Mesothelioma Causes a Decrease in Self-esteem

Coping with mesothelioma presents great challenges, some of which can negatively affect a patient’s self-esteem. A patient dealing with things such as weight loss/gain, hair loss, and scarring may end up with low self-esteem. When patients look at themselves in the mirror, they want to be happy with what they see. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Some patients do not like how they look without hair, with more/less weight, or with scars.

Mesothelioma patients can also develop low self-esteem when they are unable to work or participate in activities they used to easily participate in before their diagnosis. In the United States of America, many people define their value by independence and productivity. If a person is dependent on others and cannot work, they may feel “less than” others. A mesothelioma patient may feel less worthy or valuable than other people because they are unproductive or dependent on others.

Unfortunately, low self-esteem is not just an unpleasant feeling. A mesothelioma patient with low self-esteem can start acting in ways that affect their physical health. For instance, when someone offers them help, they might reject it even though they need it, which might affect their physical health.

How Can Mesothelioma Patients Boost Their Self-esteem?

Fortunately, if a patient notices their self-esteem is dropping because of their illness, it is possible for them to bring it back to a healthy point. One of the best ways to boost self-esteem is by reminding oneself of their strengths and positive qualities, such as kindness, creativity, generosity, humor, courage, and persistence. Making a list of one’s personal strengths and positive qualities can help boost self-esteem.

Remembering accomplishments is another way for mesothelioma patients to boost their self-esteem. Noting down personal, professional, and academic accomplishments can help a patient bring back their self-esteem to a healthy point.

Additionally, mesothelioma patients can boost their self-esteem by repeating affirmations to themselves daily. The following are some examples of affirmations that can help boost self-esteem;

  • “Although I have mesothelioma, I’m still a good parent/spouse/daughter/son/friend/uncle/aunt, etc.”
  • “Mesothelioma doesn’t define me.”
  • “I am lovable.”
  • “I’m proud of how strong I am during treatment.”

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