Mesothelioma | Questions to Ask your Doctor

The trauma of a malignant mesothelioma diagnosis leaves confusion and disbelief in its wake.  Your doctor will likely recommend you see an oncologist.  Your doctor typically will recommend a specialist for your treatment of malignant mesothelioma.  From the initial diagnosis, ask your doctor for a copy of all of your test results.  You have a right to do so.  Be certain to keep a folder with your pathology report, blood tests, imaging reports (x-ray, ct scan, PET scan, etc.) and any other medical results.  Keeping these results is invaluable for showing another doctor  the medical history of your illness should you seek another opinion or alternative treatment.

Useful questions to ask your oncologist about malignant mesothelioma include:

  • How far has the malignant mesothelioma spread and what is your life expectancy?
  • What should you expect next?
  • What organs have been affected by the malignant mesothelioma?
  • What are my treatment options for malignant mesothelioma and which ones would you recommend?
  • What success rate does the treatment have on malignant mesothelioma?  Will the treatment be a cure for the malignant mesothelioma?
  • What are the potential short-term and long-term side effects of the malignant mesothelioma?

You have a right ask as many questions as you want until you are comfortable that your doctor has covered the bases and explored all the options.  These are uncomfortable issues, and you have to brace yourself for the bad news, but you need information to make informed decisions.

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