Why is it Important to Hire an Asbestos Attorney?

By now most of us are familiar with the lawsuits and settlements associated with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. As victims of asbestos exposure finally get the justice and compensation they deserve, even more are left out to fight on their own as the defendants in these cases continue to deny liability for their dangerous products.

Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that an individual exposed to asbestos in his or her everyday life developed the rare, deadly lung disease mesothelioma, manufacturers of the products in question refuse to compensate victims appropriately. More often than not, plaintiffs turn to experienced mesothelioma attorneys to aid them in their time of need.

What Can a Mesothelioma Lawyer Do for Me?

While the causal relationship between asbestos and mesothelioma is well established, these cases remain complex. By its very nature, mesothelioma often develops decades after exposure to asbestos. In that time, asbestos manufacturers often close up shop, change hands, or sell off their assets to holding companies, making it difficult to serve complaints on proper defendants.

Furthermore, multiple entities may be at fault for an individual developing mesothelioma and therefore subject to an asbestos lawsuit. Having an experienced and dedicated asbestos cancer lawyer is vitally important to tracking down and holding all wrongdoers responsible for their careless behavior and failure to warn ordinary people about the dangers asbestos poses.

Why Do Mesothelioma Claims Get Denied?

Defense attorneys and the asbestos manufacturers often utilize unscrupulous tactics to deny claims and confuse courts about the science behind an individual’s disease. One of the most common tactics is to claim the victim held a pre-existing condition that caused the extremely rare and deadly lung cancer.

Other times, asbestos manufacturers will altogether deny their contaminated products ever came anywhere near the victim, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Unless strong, solid cases are built, victims may be unable to collect the vital compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages necessary to fight the disease and live a more comfortable life.

How Can My Lawyer Find Out if My Mesothelioma was Caused by Asbestos?

A qualified mesothelioma attorney often begins by investigating the employment history of the victim to see if he or she could have been exposed to asbestos in an industrial setting. Common occupations associated with asbestos exposure include:

  • Construction, demolition, roofing, or insulation
  • Military settings such as shipyards or serving aboard naval vessels
  • Factories and textile mills
  • Pipe fitting, welding, and machine operating jobs
  • Firefighters

Decades ago, asbestos was common in these and other occupations. Despite knowing for decades about the risk of asbestos, many hard-working people were never told about the risks associate with their jobs until they contracted mesothelioma.

Nationwide Mesothelioma Lawyers

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