Woman Names More Than 30 Cosmetic Companies in Her Mesothelioma Lawsuit

A woman recently filed a mesothelioma lawsuit against more than 30 cosmetic companies in the Massachusetts Superior Court for Middlesex County. The woman, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2023, alleges that these brands’ talcum powder products led to her diagnosis. Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive form of cancer that develops after someone is exposed to asbestos. Some of the companies named in the lawsuit include Johnson & Johnson, Chanel, Marky Kay, L’Oreal, Maybelline, and Pfizer. This case sheds light on the potential dangers lurking within the everyday skincare products that countless people use in America and around the globe.

Understanding How Cosmetics are Linked to Mesothelioma

It may come as a shock to many that cosmetics can lead to the development of mesothelioma. One may wonder how this is possible when asbestos is not one of the ingredients used in cosmetics. The connection between cosmetics and mesothelioma stems from the use of talc in these products. Talc, an organic mineral, is used in cosmetic products because of its ability to absorb moisture. However, talc is often found near asbestos in the earth’s soil. Asbestos is a mineral that consists of microscopic fibers, which, when inhaled or ingested, can irritate cell linings near the lungs or abdominal cavity.

So, how is talc linked with asbestos? This generally happens during the mining process. Because talc and asbestos occur close to each other, talc may contain traces of asbestos when mined. If asbestos-contaminated talc is used in the manufacture of cosmetic products, it can lead to the development of asbestos-related illnesses, like mesothelioma, not only among consumers but also among manufacturing workers. Unfortunately, despite knowing that talc can sometimes be contaminated with asbestos and the dangers of asbestos, many cosmetic companies continue using talc in their products.

After being exposed to asbestos, it might take decades for someone to know that they have mesothelioma. Unfortunately, this means that many people usually get diagnosed when their illness has progressed to later stages. Treating mesothelioma when it has progressed to later stages can be difficult. Most people diagnosed with mesothelioma only live for about a year after their official diagnosis.

More About the Mesothelioma Lawsuit

According to the woman’s lawsuit, she was exposed to asbestos-containing talcum powder through the following ways;

  • Her use of talc products
  • Her family members using talc products
  • Her employment at CVs, a company that sells cosmetic products, in the 1970s and 1980s

The claimants’ allegations highlight how widespread the issue is and the severe consequences that corporate negligence can have. Cosmetic companies need to prioritize worker and consumer safety over profits. Cosmetic companies can use several alternatives to talc in their cosmetic products, including cornstarch. Johnson & Johnson already stopped using talc in baby powder. Instead of talc, the company now uses cornstarch. However, J&J still faces thousands of lawsuits from people affected by the company’s talc-based powder.

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