Could Off-Roading Be A Source Of Asbestos Exposure?

It’s a favorite pastime of about 44 million Americans – riding all-terrain vehicles or off-roading, as it’s sometimes called. It can be dangerous because of the severe injuries that can happen in a crash. But is there another potential risk?

This study examined the connection between individuals who off-road and asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral in the United States and other countries. After mining, builders often used it in construction until the Environmental Protection Agency banned the toxic material in 1989. Over time, people who inhale asbestos fibers are at risk of mesothelioma, which causes a deadly cancer that has no cure.

This study looked ATV riders and the possibly that off-roading kicked up dust that led to asbestos inhalation. The study focused on California and looked at 15 previous investigations. For individuals in the study with measured asbestos concentrations, speed and riding in a group were commonalities. It was an interesting investigation into the relationship between asbestos and off-roading. More studies looking at this issue in other parts of the country where asbestos is prevalent could be useful.

While we have more information now than we used to about asbestos, there is still more to be learned. If a doctor recently diagnosed mesothelioma in you or a loved one, you most likely have many more questions of your own you would like answered. An attorney experienced in these cases will be able to help guide you toward answers, as well as determine your rights to a legal action.

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